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Shahid Jawan's wife's grief

Kharalsinh Thakor, a resident of Zarda village in Meghraj Taluka of Aravalli district and working in Jammu Leh, was arrested on March 1, during a snowy season during the ice ridge. Khasal Singh Thakor has a wife and two sons in the family. The wife of Veergati Parmal Singh, Thakor is accused of providing government assistance to the descendants of Pran who protects the country on the border, but no official assistance has been received till this day.

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No government official or leader has reached to meet him even today. There is no basis for nurturing and studying Khushal Singh's young children. So the family of the soldier who sacrificed his life rather than protecting the country has been demanding the widow of Kharal Singh Thakor, a widow who has got help from the government.

The US has asked Pakistan to call it a strong warning on terrorism, if there is any terrorist attack on India in the future, then it can be a big factor for her. Alerting Pakistan, the United States made it clear that it would have to take concrete action against terrorist organizations. 

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